Hostgator Webhosting

Hostgator is a Houston based provider of webhosting services such as virtual private server, dedicated, re-seller and shared. It was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxly and by 2006, the business had attained over 200,000 registered domains. Hostgator Webhosting does its best to balance features and prices for businesses that may not be comfortable at the idea of setting up a website while also providing various tools to advanced webmasters. Their basic package consists of unlimited bandwidth, e-mail accounts and disk space.


Shared Package:
This consists of month to month web hosting plans which pushes the user to sign up for longer periods. The standard monthly and six month plan begins from $8.95 per month with discounts available. The plans offered are normally referred to as Hatchling, Business and Baby. The Hatchling plans offers bandwidth databases, e-mail addresses and unlimited space with additional support for an extra domain and third party applications like e-commerce platforms and content management systems. If users require unlimited domains, they need to upgrade to business or baby with the business starting from $14.95 per month and baby $9.95 per month and they also include additional options such as free dedicated SSL certificates and a toll-free phone number.

Dedicated and Virtual Package:
The Virtual Private Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting start at $15.96 and $139 per month respectively. Their most basic VPN plan referred to as Snappy 500, and consists of a half core processor, 25 GB of hard disk space, 500 GB of bandwidth and 512 MB of Ram. The more advanced plan referred to as Snappy 8000 consists of 4 CPU cores, 240 GB of hard disk space, 3 TB of bandwidth and 8 GB of Ram. The dedicated servers are also come with options of CPU, Storage, RAID and RAM configurations. They range from a $139 monthly package which consists of Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3 Ghz CPU, One 500 GB RAID Drive, 4 GB of RAM, 10 TB of bandwidth and 2 IP addresses that are dedicated.

Setting Up:
The interface can be a little tricky to get used to but Hostgator normally sends a getting started email that contains many links to aid the new users during set-up. The top of its site has a Billing Login link which leads to the customer portal where all the information about payment, plan details and add-on purchase options are listed. The page has account and domain management tabs which are placed across the top. The hosting tab is where the actual control panel is contained with website statistics, site buildings tools, applications and other options.WordPress set-up is relatively easy where the customer portal has a Quick Links option that opens a dedicated interface so as to install other third party applications. There is also a shortcut called ‘Get Started With WordPress Today’ that leads to the interface of Quick Links.

Email Management:
Setting up an email account is easy where the user goes to the customer portal and clicks on Email Accounts hence opening the form that gives the option to create email accounts, however, you cannot create multiple accounts as the same time.

Hostgator offers a wide variety of webhosting coupon codes to help individuals save money on their webhosting plans. If you take adequate advantage of the provided hostgator discount codes you can reduce the cost of your hosting plan even more.

In summary, Hostgator is an excellent web hosting service that simplifies the process of setting up a site and WordPress. The generous disk storage, bandwidth offerings and a variety of options for creating a website offered are probably the best deals one could get making it worth considering when looking at Web Hosting deals today.

Hostgator Reseller Webhosting Plans

The Hostgator Reseller Webhosting Plan has been designed to balance both affordable prices and features, while also providing unique IT tools for advanced Webmasters operations. The firm has a basic package which offers subscribers services like unlimited monthly-data transfers, email accounts, disk space and dedicated webhosting. In fact, their server plans are so efficient that the company itself was recently awarded a PCMag Editior’s Choice Awards.

Hostgator Reseller Webhosting

Shared Web-Hosting Packages

HostGator offers monthly Web hosting services, but still pushes hard for individuals to sign-up for longer policies, starting at 6 months. The longer the subscription policy, the profounder the savings. Even though standard monthly and 6-month plan starts at only $8.95 a month, there are nice discounts for those also. We’re irked that, during the signing process, HostGator may default to a 3-year term. It’s one factor to encourage people to not register month-to-month, but pushing straight into the three years package right from the beginning is a bit hyped

The available plans are Hatchling, Baby &Business, though unless you actively dig into details of what they specifically offer, it may be difficult to say how they’re dissimilar. The Hatchling package starting at just $8.95 per month offers unlimited broadband disk space, databases, and mail addresses, including unlimited support for a single domain and 3rd party applications like content managing systems & e-commerce platforms. This system allows you to host 6 domains in its basic blueprint. Though you also need to advance to Baby/ Business on the Hostgator program to enjoy unlimited domains. These plans start at $9.95 a month and $14.95 respectively, add highly specialized alternatives like a free toll-free cell number or primary SSL certificates and everything will work perfectly.

Virtual and Dedicated Hosting Packages

HostGator provides VPS or virtual private server hosting services starting at only $15.96 a month, including dedicated server hosting at $139/month. If you require extra power, expect high-traffic amounts or have definite compliance requirements which prevent you from accessing shared servers then these are definitely good options to choose. The Hostgator Reseller Webhosting Plan is much more flexible compared to those of other opponent offerings. The simplest VPS strategy, Snappy 500, begins with a semi-core CPU, 25GB disk space, 512MB RAM and of course 500GB bandwidth.

The most progressive, Snappy 8000, provides 4-cores CPU, 240 GB disk space, 8 GB RAM and also 3TB bandwidth. HostGator’s personalized server packages begin at just $139 a month, and offer excellent sets of features for each specific price range. Though Hostgator may provide an excess amount of memory, you may still configure its dedicated servers with 96 GB of RAM but pay for it later. Users may also customize their servers with 1TB of prime storage space, 16 GB RAM, and 25 GB of monthly-data transfers which further validates the offerings found on its other Web host programs.

The firm’s dedicated servers are available in both Linux and Windows versions, which are not as commonplace as one may think; Linux however tends to control the field. In fact, HostGator is only one of three hosts reviewed which scored well and provided both operating systems at the same time. When it comes to setup, many customers agree that it’s a nice thing HostGator regularly sends getting-started mails to new signees because the web interface is quite tricky to register with.